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The history of Wing Chun is cloudy, with general few stories about its history. The most popular story being that Ng Mui, one of the Five Elders who fled the Shaolin temple after its distruction ended up meeting Yim Wing Chun. Yim was being sought for marriage by a local bully who studied Kung Fu. Ng Mui taught Yim Wing Chun the Kung Fu she developed after watching a crane and snake fight. Yim Wing-Chun convinced the bully to fight her and that if he won she would be his bride, and if she won he would end his marraige pursuit. After stying with Ng Mui, Yim Wing Chun was able to soundly defeat the bully.

After defeatin the bully, Yim Wing Chun went on to marry Leung Bok Cho, who legend says named the style after his wife.

**While Ip Man and his predecesssors did have many students, this tree represents only our school's linage.**

Ng Mui
Buddhist Nun
Known as of the 'Five Elders'

Yim Wing Chun
Credited as the originator of the style

Leung Bok Cho
Yim Wing Chun's husband

Leung Lan Kwai
Lived and worked on an opera boat

Wong Wah Bo
Also lived on the opera boat with Leung Lan Kwai.
Beleived to have added the long pole and 8-chop knives
to the Wing Chun system

Leung Yee Tei
Also credited with adding the long pole

Leung Jan
Only taught his two sons privately in Fotshan
until Chan Wah Shun convinced Leaung Jan to
take him as a student
↙   ↘
Chan Wah ShunLueng Bik
Ran an open school Fotshan Moved to Hong Kong
↘   ↙
Ip Man
Ip Man started Wing Chun under Chan Wah Shun
in Fotshan and finished the system under
Leung Bik in Hong Kong

Ip Ching
Youngest son of Ip Man. Born in Fotshan and moved
to Hong Kong to be with his father and to complete
his training.

Li Yun Tung (Eric)
Born in Hong Kong, immigrated to Vancouver, BC

Michael Sooper
Completed the system under Li Sifu