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Welcome to the homepage for the Wing Chun Society of Nevada's homepage.

This site is currently being put together, however, all up-to-date information will be posted on our Facebook Page first before finding its way onto this site.

Eric Li and Michael Sooper

My name is Michael Sooper and I have been studying Wing Chun since the fall of 2001. In my youth I studied Kenpo Karate and taught part time during high school. After a taking a long break from the martial arts I decided to get involved again. After doing a lot of research and recalling a couple of personal run-in's with a Wing Chun practioneer who shared a number of principles with me, I started to reach out to any Wing Chun school within driving distance of Las Vegas. Eventually I found an organization that had an instructor relocating to Las Vegas and even before he was fully unpacked I was in his living room taking my first lesson, and I have been hooked since.

After two years my first Sifu decided to move on from the organization he was involved with and sought out Eric Li. After he visited Eric in Vancouver he told me that I had to get up there to see him. My first trip to see Eric Li was in October of 2003. Since that first trip Eric has become my Sifu and I have completed the system under him.